What Is A Wayleave Agreement Western Power Distribution

Dad-savvy readers looking out their windows are likely to notice all kinds of threads crossing through the landscape. Perhaps even overhead power lines to house and build structures in the area. However, it is important not to confuse telecommunications lines with power lines. In general, rural villages and suburbs are the ones that would most likely have the potential for a first payment. Update. I sent a complaint to UK Power Networks which was confirmed by an email “We have a whole backlog”, so I just have to wait. I don`t live in the house yet, but coincidentally, I received a letter from one of wayleave`s claim companies at my current address. (There is no equipment in the country). It lists the payments you can expect: Pole. £300, Pole and Stay £380, Stay Wire £120, Strut £120, Airline £45 – £90. Stay wires or extra struts for £60 each.

I don`t think anyone will make a fortune with a Wayleave payment, but maybe this information will be useful to someone. Sincerely, Len. Hi just a few quick questions to see if you can recommend me. In the summer, I came home from a walk and found 2 open-spoke workers drilling the back of my house, just setting up a black box and wires the length of a fiber. It is worth getting advice if you plan to sell the property within this timeframe, as this can impact the value mentioned in the stock. .

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