License Agreement Revocable

We hope this practice will help you understand the possible consequences of whether or not you include explicit provisions on revocability and terminability (and the interaction of the two concepts) in your licenses and how best to use these terms to achieve the desired results. But are these agreements really going to last until the end of time or are there circumstances in which you can terminate an open-ended license agreement? The answer usually focuses on your answers to two other questions: taking into account that the law is not always clear and that different parts of a license agreement can affect how it is interpreted, we offer some best practices: if your license agreement is silent on limitations, revocability and termination (i.e. it does not contain language on these subjects), their ability to terminate probably depends on the duration of the agreement. Many courts have found that non-exclusive agreements of indefinite duration, which remain silent on revocability, are revocable after they have been concluded. With respect to non-exclusive expiry agreements (which set a fixed timetable for the licensee`s rights) that implicitly relate to revocability, many courts have found that they cannot be terminated during the term. Revocable license agreement with Jamestown OTS, L.P. regarding a volume of space in times Square Station Complex, New York, N.Y. Even under a truly irrevocable open-ended license agreement, if the licensee commits a material breach, you have the right to terminate the contract. Examples of significant infringements may be: has the licensee committed a breach of contract? Most courts are of the view that simple, non-exclusive licenses of indefinite duration, which are not revocable, are revocable after lust. This means that the licensor may terminate the license at any time, with or without justification.

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