Isu Financial Responsibility Agreement

Update Contact Information: I understand and agree that I am responsible for updating Kansas State University records, with my current physical addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. The related procedure shall be inserted by reference. If I leave Kansas State for any reason, it is my responsibility to provide Kansas State University with up-to-date information in order to continue to communicate on any outstanding amounts to be paid and pledged to Kansas State University. I understand and agree that if I am younger than the current age of majority, if I make this agreement, the educational services provided by Kansas State University are a necessity and I am contractually engaged under the “teaching of necessities”. Financial Hold: I understand and agree that if I do not pay my student account or any money owed and owed from Kansas State University before the due date, Kansas State University will financially block my student account, which prevents me from enrolling in future courses, requesting transcripts, or graduating. If you have any questions, please contact Student Finance at (208) 282-3000 or This consortium agreement means that financial assistance can be obtained during participation in the UIS and HCC. Under the consortium agreement, all grants are processed and paid by the UIS. You are responsible for paying for your Heartland courses until the course due date. The ISU will not send money to Heartland. Heartland Community College has an agreement with Illinois State University that allows you to be enrolled simultaneously in the ISU and HCC without compromising financial aid. Effective December 1, 2016, Idaho State University introduced a student financial accountability agreement. On this page you will find an explanation of the agreement and how to conclude the agreement.

We understand that there may be questions or concerns related to this process. If you have any questions, please contact Student Financial Services at The Student Financial Services office helps students fulfill their financial commitment to the university.. . .

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