Global Framework Agreement Industriall

On 4 October 2007, IndustriALL Global Union signed a first GFA with Inditex following a meeting with suppliers and factories in the textile supply chain. Seven years later and after more than 150 visits to Inditex suppliers, the agreement was renewed. The newly signed document is an update of this agreement with new possibilities for union intervention. The new GFA between Inditex and IndustriALL Global Union contains Provisions of the International Labour Organization that focus on fundamental workers` rights, as well as the new Article 190 on sexual violence and harassment in the workplace. The new GFA also includes trade union rights negotiated in recent years with regard to supply chain information and trade union access to all jobs. Also, CC.OO is. stressed that, for the first time in a GFA, the creation of a joint trade union committee is now part of the agreement. These include two new representative bodies: the Global Trade Union Committee, composed of nine people representing Inditex`s main suppliers, and two members of the Spanish unions affiliated to IndustriALL and signatories to the agreement, and the coordination committee, which is integrated by four other people. Recently, several agreements have gone beyond the recognition of ILO core labour standards by ensuring decent wages and working conditions and a safe environment. The renewed agreement signed in 2018 by Carrefour and UNI Global Union, which builds on previous agreements and contains new provisions on violence against women in the workplace.

[6] Another example is the IFA subscribed by BNP Paribas and UNI Global Union in October 2018, which was “the first in the financial sector to have provided for paid provisions for parental leave and the first with guaranteed health, life and disability insurance”. [7] The comprehensive framework agreement between Carrefour and UNI Global Union for the promotion of social dialogue and diversity and for the protection of fundamental principles and rights in the workplace was signed in 2015 and renewed in 2018. It contains a common commitment in which both parties express their concern about violence against women in the private and professional sectors and their commitment to reducing it (Carrefour-UNI Global Union, 2015, clause 3.3.4). The agreement also endorses the statement of the European Consultation and Information Committee (CICE) on combating violence against women, which recommends the adoption of five measures: information and education to raise awareness and detect cases; communication, both internally and externally; the establishment of a network of external actors; accompaniment and follow-up of the victim; and reparation and measures (Carrefour-UNI Global Union, 2015, Annex 3). The agreement, a “revolutionary” agreement for fashion and global industrial relations, was renewed on November 13 in Geneva, according to a report by the Spanish CC.OO. .

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