What To Do If Your Ex Violates Custody Agreement

With all this disruptive behavior, it can cause a lot of stress. If you are in a situation where your ex refuses to follow custody orders, there are a few things you can do to correct the situation. Of course, both parties must follow for a child custody order to work. Unfortunately, these things do not always go as well as they should. Your ex cannot drop off the children for your planned visit, for example, or he or she could violate the custody provision in another way. These are some of the things that can happen if that is the case. Other common examples of child custody violations include: You can request placement services from your local Family Services Office. You will step in and your ex and sit down to solve the problems between you, so that you can find a solution that works for you as well as for your children. Before taking serious corrective action, you should speak to a qualified lawyer.

Your lawyer can help you assess the situation and determine how best to protect your legal rights. In the law firms of Steve W. Marsee, P.A., we understand how sensitive family conflicts can be. We are also ready to fight aggressively to protect your parental rights. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact our Orlando office today to request your full confidential case notice. In the law firms of LaFevor and Slaughter, we are here to be your lawyer in a custody dispute. You can call us at 865-637-6258 or fill out our contact form to arrange a consultation, discuss your custody case and answer your questions with an experienced Knoxville divorce lawyer. Unfortunately, the people who suffer the most in these situations are children. If you can`t see your children regularly, they may suffer.

Your relationship with your children can be seriously affected if you are not able to spend time with them. You may not understand that it is not your fault that you do not spend time with them. Maybe your ex or other people involved in their lives have told them things that weren`t true about you. In many cases, family judges try to avoid sending people to prison for violating these orders. Other measures may be taken in the event of initial errors or injuries. If your ex has violated the custody order substantially or has been several times in court for breach of order, however, the chances of spending time in prison may increase. Do not pay by breaking the child care order themselves. If questions persist or the offence is monstrous, a lawyer may work to take more serious steps to obtain custody, perhaps inform the judge of the situation and bring things to justice. New Jersey judges have the power to file a change in the circumstances of your children`s custody agreement or to charge your ex for violating the custody agreement. These approaches are action-oriented and can only be applied in the event of a serious or prolonged breach of the child care contract. In cases where an ex-partner poses a threat to the child, it may also be necessary to inform and involve the enforcement and services of the children concerned. If the other parent of your child or children has not followed a court custody order, you can apply for contempt.

Court decisions are enforceable because of the Tribunal`s powers of non-compliance.

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