Ontario Rental Agreement Clauses

And there are many other things. Remember, these are clauses that are important, but that make sense and do not discourage your good tenants… You must protect ACT to protect your rental business in this extreme “anti-renter” environment. and here`s how. Non-owners like to teach us and act as “experts,” but are not aware of the realities we face. Good tenants are often discouraged by landlords with 30-sided rental contracts and simply don`t rent you if you ask. So add only the “most important clauses” that protect you and don`t scare the right tenants. We were in the trenches and we know what works and what doesn`t. Only adding a ton of clauses will eliminate potential tenants and you`ll need to focus on VITAL ADDITIONAL CLAUSES and not just the “everything and kitchen sink” that non-renters will try to market to you. Inexperienced non-tenants could tell you to put a billion clauses in the tenancy agreement because they don`t know that if you do it as a landlord, you disconnect potential tenants.

Good tenants have many options and you don`t want to reject them. Other possible clauses – other clauses could and should deal with: pets on site, a tenant`s right to make changes to the unit (or not too much) how to inform the landlord if repairs are needed, what happens when a new occupant moves in and much more. Please contact our office at angela@browneandassociates.ca 905-688-5598 or any other legal expert to check your situation. If you own a property with multiple units, you need to add important clauses to clarify things and avoid future problems. A tenancy agreement sets out the rules that landlords and tenants must follow in their tenancy agreement. The tenant accepts that, although households may own four cannabis plants without an additional licence for personal use, the tenant acknowledges that the production of such plants in the rental premises is not permitted. Cannabis use is in line with the rules we set for smoking in rental premises or in public spaces. However, if cannabis is used for medical purposes (and the tenant has the appropriate documentation for the same use), alternative forms of taking should be considered when used indoors, for example.B.

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