Dry Hire Plant Agreement

The choice of the type of rent that suits you depends on whether you only want to rent your equipment or if you also want to include your services. What if something happens to the shovel during the rental period? For example, companies that rent their audiovisual equipment for events are often responsible for their management during the event. Water rents are generally more expensive because they have equipment rental plus your services in service. You don`t have time to run the shovel, but you want to avoid risk and grip as much as possible if you rent it to someone else. To find out what type of rent is right for you, you have to ask yourself: From the customer`s point of view, this reassures them because they can rent equipment with reliability and guaranteed efficiency. If you offer a shovel for rent, and only the shovel alone, it`s a dry rent. Then you have to write it in the form of an agreement – these are called dry leases and wet hire agreements, depending on the type of recruitment you have, you need to clarify your responsibilities in your corresponding agreement. In the event of a dry rental, the person who hires it by you is responsible for operating it during the event. In case of a wet attitude, it is important to think about the extent of your services and what you might be responsible for. You want to make sure that you have covered all your basics, from the clear description of what is included in the rent to the detailed indication of the payment terms. If you want to include your services in the operation of the equipment, this is a water rental. This is because everyone who hires the shovel from you is responsible for finding someone else to use it. Whenever you rent something, it`s always a good idea to know if it`s a dry or wet rent.

Or party vendors, who can rent large party tents, usually take care of the packaging and packaging after they have been used. If so, you probably think you need a standard lease. Recently, we looked at the basics of leases. Another example – perhaps you would like to rent your audiovisual equipment (AV) on events. Water leases are a little more complicated. What is the difference between a dry rental and a wet rental? Simply put, a dry rent is when you rent machinery, equipment or vehicles.

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