Wifi Alliance Membership Agreement

To participate in the development of Wi-Fi Alliance certification programs and sector interviews in task groups, it is necessary to join the contribution or affiliation. To submit testing and certification products through our licensed testing laboratories, a subscription or affiliate is required. Products must pass tests before you can say that they are certified wi-fi or that certification marks are used. Imlementer membership may be appropriate to submit products containing a CERTIFIED WIFI module to certification without modification. Learn more about the benefits of membership with lower introductory contributions More Compare all benefits by affiliation level To request access to the Kavi task group/system connection: invoices are usually issued in early October and due before December 31. Please check your bill for certain data. The primary business and billing contacts on your account will receive an electronic invoice. Orders are not considered a confirmation of payment. Talk to renewal@wi-fi.org if you have any specific questions. Tel: 1 512 498 9434 (498-WIFI) / `1 512 498 9435 E-mail: thanzlik@wi-fi.org Site: www.wi-fi.org Member of the Wi-Fi Alliance runs the calendar year, from January to December.

10900-B Stonelake Boulevard, Suite 126Austin, TX 78759Ealize the United States We thank you for visiting our product search to search for certified products and associated certifications, or for contacting your Wi-Fi module manufacturer for details of its certification. $20,000 per quarter per year for new members publicly supporting, in the form of a press release or as demonstrated by the sending of products or activation technology, such as chips. B, software, etc. for Wi-Fi products, or the provision of Wi-Fi-based services for wireless solutions For a single account of access to the website and certification system only for members, Liaisons A: organizations that require an effective contribution to the work of the technical committee or subcommittee for issues dealt with by this technical committee. Liaison Officer B: organizations that have expressed a desire to be informed of the work of the technical committee or subcommittee. Links C: organizations that make a technical contribution to the work of a working group and actively participate in the work. Please visit our Member Companies website and enter the company name into the search field. Public presentation of a legitimate business interest; ET for companies that want to advance the direction of the Wi-Fi industry and many wifi CertifieDent™ product affiliation to Wi-Fi Alliance® shows that your company is engaged in the latest developments in Wi-Fi technology®. Joining the Wi-Fi alliance will benefit your companies with access to the expertise and networking opportunities in a collaborative environment with hundreds of global experts.

Your company can take a leadership role in advancing the advancement of wireless technology. Wi-Fi Alliance offers a variety of certification programs. For more information on the programs, see www.wi-fi.org/certification/programs. If you need help, please send questions to certifications@wi-fi.org. Only Wi-Fi alliance member companies can use Wi-Fi Alliance certification brands. For more information and a full list of brands, see: www.wi-fi.org/who-we-are/our-brands. Every company has the right to be a member if it proves that it is intended for the purposes of that company by: payments for annual contributions must be made by cheque or transfer.

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