Visiting Scientist Agreement

Visiting scientists and anyone working with organizations outside the University of Toronto (U of T) should be aware of the following agreements. If the visiting researcher is an individual agent and is not bound by contractual or employment policy constraints of another organization, the VSA may be signed by the person. If the visiting researcher is covered by employment or other contractual restrictions of another organization, a representative of such an organization should also sign the VSA. As of November 1, 2019, Visiting Scholar agreements will be processed by the Office of the Vice President in charge of Faculty Affairs. The new Charter of scholar University (AC01) governs the process of appointing and approving visiting scientists, the length of a visiting researcher`s stay at Penn State, and application and authorization procedures. For more information, see Penn State Visiting Scholars. A Visiting Scientist Agreement (VSA) is a legally binding agreement in which an enterprise partner is authorized by a yale faculty member to access the university`s intellectual and physical resources for a period of time in a given context. Such an authorization should not result in costs and debts for Yale, and the relationship must “even break” for the hosting faculty and for Yale in terms of costs, although it is expected that all parties will experience a net benefit from the interaction. The VSA was designed to allow productive interaction, but not at Yale`s expense. The main objectives of the AUV are two things. First, it ensures that Visiting Scientists agrees to follow UNH`s rules and procedures while they are on our property (cf.

B UNH research policy). This may include specific training (for example. B the handling of hazardous substances, HIPAA compliance, IRB or IACUC authorizations) depending on the nature of their activities during the UNH visit and ensure that the work is carried out in a safe and professional manner. If you are interested in welcoming an industry visitor who wants to work together, learn techniques, use our libraries or research institutes, please follow the instructions on this page. If you are interested in hosting a visiting researcher, please follow`s instructions. This operation must be completed before the visitor arrives. If so, Corporate Visiting Scientist Agreement (C-VSA), required for for-profit deedologists.

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